Advanced Integration Technologies (A.I.T.) was established in Mumbai by Seymour Fernandes which specialises in providing Sales and integration all over India. We delivers exceptional engineering services and unique technologies of futuristic systems.We helps to enable success for nationally significant and technically complex systems for our mission partners through the application of engineering, shine and programmatic experience, skills, methods and tools. State of Art technology, excellence in service, unmatched customer support, service and faster installation was made possible through a workforce made up of utterly professional experts. Advanced Integration Technologies is one of the leading independent project manager and executer with experts in various fields of acoustic and audio visuals engineering.

Advanced Integration Technology have reputation for clearly establishing the base line requirements for every project. Ensuring needs are identified that are not shaped by the perceived limits of technology. Having diversified into performance stage lighting, custom fabrication shop and sound services. Adapting to changing times, we have leveraged on technological changes that has spawned in the new millennium. Diversification enabled us to furnish customers with superior technology, design excellence and unrivalled customer support services within a shorter time frame.


Our Mission & Values:

Every system designed (sold or rented) and installed by us is assured of the highest global standard. We would be constantly training workforce for exchange of intellect, resulting in value for customers investment.  A competent and diligent execution within the present budget and time frame is what breathes life in out commitments.  ADVANCED INTEGRATION TECHNOLOGIES strives to deliver quality work and make a positive impact in the local scenario.

At AIT we believe a successful installation needs to be backed by excellent support which ensures systems optimal performance without any glitches resulting in maximum productivity and returns to clients investments. Our Indian offices have been designed keeping the customer in mind to provided sales, design and service support with ease.

A standardized approach ensures that all our clients receive the same professional quality of a global process which enables us to provide unwavering quality service & competitive pricing and expert work-force, resulting in customer satisfaction. Horning of expertise & global knowledge sharing helps us to provide the best in technology and the most advanced multimedia integration solution.



Advance integration technologies has triggered it self for challenging technical projects with collaborations & technical knowledge, shared with several strategic partners and associates who help us to provide one stop solution to our clients for meeting their specialized needs.